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What are the problems that current cotton spinning enterprise encounters?

Recently, Zheng cotton CF2109 contract surface price continued in 15000-15500 yuan/ton box consolidation, both sides of the mood tends to stabilize, short term are waiting for April/May related policies, 2021 cotton planting area changes and the main cotton weather and other factors are clear. Cotton processing enterprises, traders based quotation, listing “point price” sales are still in an orderly manner, and cotton enterprises a large number of resources on shelves, shipping willingness is stronger than cotton textile enterprises before the end of April or even in early May concentration, a large number of replenish enthusiasm is not high, “with buy, see single purchase” strategy accounted for the mainstream.

From the feedback of downstream medium and small textile mills and weaving enterprises, the current problems can be summarized as follows

First, since January 2021, the credit support of banks for small and medium-sized cotton textile enterprises has declined significantly compared with the first half of 2020, and the difficulty of loans has gradually increased (mainly “repayment before loan” operation, with little hope of postponing loan repayment or “borrowing new to repay old”). Some textile enterprises say that the pressure of capital flow continues to rise.

Second, as part of the season sale in domestic market order placement, cotton yarn, grey cloth, although there are tired library phenomenon, but is not outstanding, recently cut little production enterprises, but fabrics, clothing and foreign trade companies, such as consumer terminal customer cash flow is generally nervous, gauze collection is more and more too late, even some customers credit account, 1-3 months period, the l/c and other payment;

Third, foreign trade orders or big company distributed generation and processing of single demand, lower cost situation is serious, although the number of general contract, long processing period and payment for goods payment in proportion is relatively in a timely manner, but considering the profit is not high, the appreciation of the renminbi, and second, the third quarter of 2021 cotton/polyester staple fiber and other raw materials is still likely to fluctuations, therefore FangQi don’t want to, can’t receive long single;

Fourth, compared with large cotton textile enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises are “difficult to recruit, retain and cultivate talents”, so the problem of “labor shortage” is more common. A yarn factory in Handan, Hebei province, said that the current job vacancy rate is 10% to 15%. On the one hand, due to the working environment, office conditions and factory location, young and educated people are not willing to enter the factory. On the other hand, salary and treatment are lower than large factories or enterprises in southeast coastal areas.


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Post time: Jun-24-2022