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Raw Material Purchasing Index

In January, the raw material purchase index was 55.77. From the price point of view, the CotlookA index first rose and then fell in January, with large fluctuations; domestically, domestic cotton prices continued to rise in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, with the emergence of clusters of epidemics in many places in China, the replenishment of superimposed textile enterprises was nearing the end , Domestic cotton prices have fallen; for chemical fiber staple fibers, the price of viscose staple fibers rose sharply that month, with a cumulative increase of more than 2,000 yuan/ton during the month. Polyester staple fibers showed an upward trend in the first half of the year, and began to decline weakly in the second half of the year. From the perspective of the purchasing situation of cotton spinning enterprises, 58.21% of the companies have increased their purchases of cotton from the previous month, and 53.73% of the companies have increased their purchases of non-cotton fibers.

Specific price data, the average CotlookA index in January was 87.24 US cents/lb, an increase of 6.22 US cents/lb from the previous month, the average price of domestic 3128 cotton was 15,388 yuan/ton, an increase of 499 yuan/ton from the previous month; the average price of mainstream viscose fiber was 12787 yuan /Ton, up 2119 yuan/ton month-on-month; the average price of 1.4D direct-spun polyester staple was 6,261 yuan/ton, up 533 yuan/ton month-on-month.

Post time: Mar-25-2021