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Factory wholesale TC 90 10 poly cotton twill courier workwear uniform material tc twill fabric

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Supply Type : Make-to-Order
Material: 90%polyester 10% cotton
Technic :Woven
Pattern: Plain Dyed
Yarn Count:21*21
Packing:Roll packaging and woven bag
Use: Bag,Lining,Garment,Suit,Coat and Jacket,Jeans,Apron,Chef uniform,Work clothes

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Four Characteristics Of Polyester Cotton Twill Fabric

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Four characteristics of polyester cotton twill fabric

Fabric tips
1.What is the 100% polyester fabric?
All-polyester fabric refers to the textile fabric whose components are all polyester
2.The advantages of polyester fabrics
Thermoplastic,heat resistance,corrosion resistance,wear resistance,tear resistance,light resistance,good elasticity and strong recovery,durable,wrinkle resistance,bright dyeing luster.
3.The Characteristics of cotton fiber
Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption, under normal circumstances, fiber can absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8-10%, so it contacts the human skin, make the person feel soft and not stiff.

Cotton fiber has great resistance to alkali, cotton fiber in alkali solution, fiber does not damage phenomenon, this performance is conducive to the washing and disinfection of clothing pollution and impurities, but also on the whole cotton spinning fabric dyeing, printing and various processes, in order to produce more new varieties of cotton
(3)Heat-resistant property
All cotton fabric heat resistance is good, below 110℃, will only cause moisture evaporation on the fabric, will not damage the fiber, so all cotton fabric at room temperature, wear and use, washing printing and dyeing have no impact on paper products, thus improving the whole cotton fabric washable wear performance.

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(4)Natural property
Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main composition is cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin. The cotton fabric has been inspected and practiced in many ways. The fabric has no stimulation or side effect when contacting with skin. It is good for human health when worn for a long time.

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